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University of Wisconsin–Madison
October 1967

About This Site

Thanks to the hundreds of UW–Madison alumni who responded to an open call for memories about the protest climate on the UW–Madison campus in the 1960s. All of the submissions helped inform our work and led to a richer project. A special thank you to the alumni featured prominently on these pages. We greatly appreciate your willingness to share your stories and the time it took to do so.

“A Turning Point: Protesting Dow Chemical on Campus” was produced by University Communications and University Marketing at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Writing and research: Doug Erickson, Emily Hamer, Linda Kietzer

Design and graphics: Julie Schroeder, Nick Weaver

Audio and video: Kate Price, Craig Wild

Portrait photography: Bryce Richter

Protest photography: Heiner Giese, Bob Grueneberg, John Wolf

Additional photography and film: UW Archives

Research: Petar Djordjevic, Ben Sprengeler, Zac Wagner (University Communications); David Null, Cat Phan, Troy Reeves (UW Archives); Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association

Copy editing: Bill Graf

Editing and production: Hyunsoo Léo Kim, Meredith McGlone, Libby Peterek

Executive Producer: John Lucas